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Customized Health Packages

Customized Health Packages

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Group Coaching & Business Support

Group Coaching & Business Support

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Steps for Financial Empowerment

  • Physical Wellness

    Often an overlooked foundational part of creating financial empowerment is to make sure you have the strength and stamina to generate financial growth, as well as the physical energy to enjoy your success when you do.

  • Have a System

    When it comes to money, your bank balance doesn’t care about your feelings, it simply reflects your past actions. Having a step-by-step guide is the fastest way to have the numbers make sense, and put you in the seat of power where you direct your money flow instead of letting money dictate your life!

  • Connect Your Dreams to Dollars

    Money loves a purpose, and while some people start with me dreaming about just being able to pay their bills on time each month, being financially empowered involves getting to a place where you can dream beyond bills with the confidence of knowing how and when you’re going to make it happen. Everybody dreams. Everybody makes dollars. Financially empowered people use their dreams to fuel how they make their dollars… and have a lot more FUN and meaning with every sale they make because of it.


The Power of the Answers
“Samantha LaCouture is a remarkable leader, doing the do, leading by example and teaching real, duplicatable skills to all who join her team.”

Carlita Tohtz

Carlita Tothz

“Samantha LaCouture is by far the most amazing human being I’ve ever encountered.”

Karen DeSimone

Karen DeSimone

“I am grateful to have met Sam through a mutual colleague just over 3 years ago.”

Lori Miller

Lori Miller

“No matter what comes her way you will always see her bring 110% of herself to the table.”

Rebecca Horton

Rebecca Horton

“Wow, Samantha, I want to personally thank you for being such a servant and powerful leader.”

Ronda Coallier

Ronda Coallier



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