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How did I go from working at dead-end jobs and making less than 45 thousand a year to being a six-figure earner in network marketing with financial security and time for my family?

Who Is Samantha LaCouture?

Most hear her name and would say “Strong, Successful, Balanced... “


A pint-sized powerhouse who is president of her local networking group and will march her heels across any stage that gives her a microphone and the chance to inspire other women to go after their dream life; A generous friend with energy in spades for her clients and growing team; A fiercely loving wife to her dynamite retired US Navy husband and confident mamma bear to her two little girls.


But It Wasn't Always This Way


Let’s start this story back in 2007. Samantha married her Navy sweetheart in her living room after what some would call a whirlwind romance just days before he deployed.
The next few years read less like a fairy tale and found the growing LaCouture family feeling overwhelmed by the military schedule, often leaving Samantha home alone with two small kids and no traditional job opportunities. Despite her college degree, she was left feeling unfulfilled in positions she describes as “dead-end jobs” making less than $45K a year, and yet still sacrificing precious time with her daughters the same way corporate CEOs do.
As if constantly worrying about making ends meet and missing out on making memories with her daughters wasn’t bad enough, 2012 was when it got worse. There was a single phone call that took Samantha from uncomfortable to terrified. In the middle of the night, far away on a Navy boat, her husband’s dominant hand had been crushed!


Just like that, he was forced to retire for medical reasons. Suddenly stripped of the paycheck their family’s security and survival depended on, and facing a harsh reality of financial uncertainty is when Samantha discovered the world of network marketing, also known as direct sales.
At the time healthy products and supportive community that NM companies offered seemed like “nice to haves” for someone in her position, and it was primarily the compensation potential that she saw as a way out of struggle for her family that formed her decision to YES. After understanding how it worked, she enrolled online in a network marketing program with someone that she had never even met.
And it would seem a second fairy tale story started to play out in her life, and this one is here to stay. Within a few short years, that traumatic period of financial distress in the LaCouture family was behind them before their children would be old enough to feel the burden.
Maybe you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true, or you’ve been trying the same type of thing and you feel like it’s just not working? Well, the good news is that from where she is now, Samantha has identified specific steps were crucial for her (and you) to be successful in this industry. If you have grit and a willingness to persevere as she did, Samantha’s Answers can help you fill in the gaps.
Of course she made mistakes, ruffled some feathers, and could probably write a whole book on the blunders and blooper moments she had during those first few years, but she is adamant she would do it all again to achieve the sense of fulfillment, self-confidence, and financial security she has now. She is also passionate about helping spread hope to other women and help them bypass what she learned the hard way.
“Every woman should feel confident in their body and their bank account. Every woman deserves to feel accomplished in all areas of their lives. And it doesn’t have to be as hard as so many make it!”
With her story far from over, Samantha currently enjoys the relationship with her family that she had always craved. She meets her daughters’ bus every day in the driveway of her dream home and never has to worry about asking a boss for a day off to take care of her kids if they’re sick. Everything from paying for softball cleats, back-to-school supplies, and eventually college is now a joy to purchase, and the twinkle in her husband’s eye as he looks at her when she tells him about the latest trip she’s earned them is priceless.
While nobody can give you a strong work ethic and a desire for more, if you are ready to find this level of freedom in your life, she’s ready and waiting to connect with you and show you how your story can transform when you take advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

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